About Us

TAC is a military simulation airsoft team based in the north-east of England. The team is comprised of a mix of civilians, ex-army, reservists, coppers and civil servants, some of which have real life tactical experience and training. We proudly work with contacts both in the law enforcement and military sector to raise awareness about the sport, and to promote a good name for it through responsibility and leadership.

TAC was founded in 2001 by a group of milsim (military simulation) airsoft enthusiasts looking to create a more realistic style of play. TAC is not your average bunch of weekend “paintsofters”. We consider ourselves a serious group and routinely train using a military doctrine. We are a structured, disciplined team of quiet professionals who enjoy airsoft for training and simulating realistic combat operations. Our milsim scenarios and events are realistic and well thought out. TAC takes pride on attention to detail, and our milsim style of play stresses the use of tactics, strategy, and all other elements of realism we can incorporate.

TAC attends and also sponsors several milsim airsoft events year round.


TAC utilizes much of the same gear as a real life SF team. TAC operators are fairly standardized with gear and equipment depending on the mission. Below is an example of some of the gear and equipments used by TAC operators.



The TAC-MPV (multi-purpose vehicle).



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