Airsoft Action

pt_airsoft_banner_by_mmeloPut down the paint ball guns and get into a more realistic, and entertaining hobby. Airsoft guns are growing in popularity because the action is so much more realistic and fun. In the 1970’s, Japan began to produce airsoft guns because real weapons were declared illegal. The popularity soon spread over to the U.S. in the 1990’s and is regaining its popularity as of late.

Airsoft guns are replica models of real guns used in war. Types can range from the classic army M15A4 S.P.R. AEG model to other model rifles such as the M-16. Airsoft guns are even available in the infamous Ak-47 model! So whatever war re-enactment you want start up, you can find the right kind of airsoft gun you need.

Unlike paintball, which needs to have a bulky “hopper” connected to the gun to hold the ammunition, airsoft guns shoot small plastic pellets or BB’s that can’t penetrate the skin. However, the sport can be dangerous as pellets have been down to knock teeth out or hurt people’s eyes. So the proper protection equipment should be bought and used. Equipment such as special masks or paintball masks should be used to protect the eyes and mouth and heavier or padded clothing should be worn to reduce risk of injury.

Airsoft guns come in three different types: spring, electric, and gas. Each type works on the same principle of compressing air so that shots can be fired. Airsoft guns and equipment can be found from anywhere up to £400.