Airsoft Gun Safety

recruitSometimes you can have so much fun with your airsoft gun that you forget it’s more than just a toy. If you’re not careful, airsoft can be dangerous.

To protect yourself from injury, always take the necessary precautions. The most crucial part of safety gear is a good pair of goggles. Make sure they are impact-rated, so you know they can withstand the force of a pellet. Any goggles not designed for withstanding impact should not be used. Sunglasses or prescription eyeglasses should not be used in place of safety goggles. They could shatter and cause more harm than protection.  Visit UKARA for more info.

Many airsoft fields already require the use of safety goggles, so for your own well-being, please follow that rule anytime and anywhere you are playing.

The absolute best protection of your face, however, comes from masks. While goggles only protect the eyes, a mask will protect your nose, ears, and teeth, not to mention keep your face free of unsightly bruises.

Some players prefer not to use masks because they can interfere with visibility. If you are using a scope, the mask can get away. And depending on the mask, the goggles can fog up and make it more difficult to see.

The best way to figure out what type of protection works best is to try out different methods. If one pair of goggles lacks proper visibility or is just plain uncomfortable, try a different brand. If one brand of mask fogs up every time you play, try something else. The bottom line is that you find a kind of protection that works best for you. That way, you can be sure to have a great airsoft experience, and not have to worry about injuries.