Airsoft Safety Guidelines

banner3Airsoft is a sport that is rapidly gaining in popularity; it is a great way to get exercise, spend time in the great outdoors, and have a bit of fun in the process.

The key rule to remember in Airsoft is safety first.

Eye protection is the most critical component. When purchasing your eye equipment, buy only a product that is officially rated for Airsoft. Ski goggles, shop glasses, and other such eye wear are not sufficient. If it is not approved for Airsoft play, don’t wear it.

Serious Airsoft enthusiasts will tell you that you should purchase your eye protection even before you purchase your gun; that will ensure that you don’t fire your gun until your eyes are covered.

Gun handling is another important component of safety when playing Airsoft. The rule of thumb is that if you always treat your Airsoft gun the same way you would treat a real gun, you most likely not have any safety problems. Never point the gun toward someone at close range.

Play on private land if at all possible. Airsoft on public land can be a huge liability if a bystander gets injured. Police are also trained to respond if somebody is brandishing a gun in public, and it is very difficult to distinguish an Airsoft gun from a real gun.

When transporting the Airsoft gun, keep it in a case. Not only will this protect the gun from damage, but it will also reduce the likelihood that a bystander will mistake it for a real gun.

Airsoft is a lot of fun, but failing to obey any of the recommended safety policies could lead to disaster.

Have fun and be safe and join in the chat over at The UK airsoft forum.