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Airsoft Guns Versus Paint Ball Guns

tactical gearThe sport of airsoft is a fun hobby for people that are looking for a real world war simulation. There are many things that separate the sport of airsoft from paint ball. The primary difference is the equipment that is used. In paint ball, you have non replica gun that shoots large balls of paint. The primary design and function of these weapons is around delivering the paint on target as effectively as possible. The goal is not to simulate a real rifle, or even a facsimile of one, but rather to fire paint as quickly and accurately as possible. In airsoft, the guns are designed to look and feel like the real thing. The primary goal in airsoft is in the actual simulation of combat. The guns will not fire like the real thing, but do weigh and look very realistic.

The other main difference between the two games is the rules. When a player in paint ball is hit it is very obvious. The rules of the game state that the paint ball has to break and be on the persons clothing for it to be considered a hit. Referees in the game judge whether or not a person is out. In airsoft the game is played more on the honor system. Since most rounds fired from an airsoft do not leave a visible mark on the player it is up to them to call themselves out. In some games there are referees to help with this as it is not always obvious to a player that they have been hit. If they are wearing many layers of clothing it can be difficult to detect the impact of the round. Some games will use rounds that are covered in paint and leave a mark, although these games are not nearly as common. While on the surface paint ball and airsoft may seem to be very similar, in fact they are quite different as illustrated here

Airsoft Guns=Great Fun

tactical airsoftAirsoft guns are a good alternative to paintball. First of all, airsoft guns in general are cheaper. The plastic BBs are cheaper than paint, and they are reusable. Of course the reusability all depends on whether or not you want to meticulously pick BB by BB off the ground. Also, the airsoft gun itself can be cheaper. I bought a new Walter-P22 spring powered airsoft gun for twenty pounds from the forums here. However, this is what suited me. I was looking for a cheap, but still effective gun, so I could participate in airsoft gun “battles.” If you have the money to spend then you could go for spring loaded machine gun type guns. Naturally these machine gun type airsoft guns are more powerful and as a result shoot further. If a power spring loaded machine gun does not suit your fancy, then there is always gas powered airsoft guns. These guns are most expensive, but most powerful. Beside the mechanics behind the gun, the cost also comes from refilling your gas tank which powers the gun.

Once you have the right airsoft gun for you, the benefits keep coming. I do not just like airsoft because it is cheaper than paintball. I like airsoft, because the possible scenarios are limitless. For paintball you have to find a dedicated forest area or speedball court. Though, for airsoft you can go in your house (I suggest basement), any forest, and pretty much any place that you are not openly exposing a gun to the public (you may have some legal issues there). But, all in all airsoft is not messy and therefore the opportunities are greater than paintball.

Airsoft Guns, Ammunition, and Safety

militaryIf your looking for the ideal recreational guns that are air powered ballistic projectors, look no further than the airsoft gun. Many of these airsoft guns resemble real fire arms and come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. You can choose from shotguns, to pistols, to rifles with each having their own specific schematics. These guns are powered through a mechanical gearbox that contains a cylinder and piston system that compresses air that is needed to fire a projectile. In other words, they are basically powered through pressurized gas. These guns are used specifically for recreational purposes and training for professionals.

Airsoft guns fire 6mm balls known as BB’s, or ball bullets. The BB’s themselves vary by grade and by weight. They are relatively cheap in price and can be purchased in bulk quantities. The BB’s get loaded into some type of magazine that will attach to the airsoft gun. Magazines come in all different sizes and types, and you may even want to consider a motorized magazine that holds around 2800 BB’s that easily feeds them through with just a push of the button.

As with any type of gun, they should be treated respectfully. The sport of airsoft is fun but safety always comes first and it’s best to keep in mind that the same rules apply to airsoft guns as real guns. They are illegal to show in public, should come with an orange tip and should be stored in a gun bag. With proper care and maintenance before and after using, your airsoft gun will perform with ease everytime. Using airsoft guns is as safe and fun as you make it.

Airsoft Action

pt_airsoft_banner_by_mmeloPut down the paint ball guns and get into a more realistic, and entertaining hobby. Airsoft guns are growing in popularity because the action is so much more realistic and fun. In the 1970’s, Japan began to produce airsoft guns because real weapons were declared illegal. The popularity soon spread over to the U.S. in the 1990’s and is regaining its popularity as of late.

Airsoft guns are replica models of real guns used in war. Types can range from the classic army M15A4 S.P.R. AEG model to other model rifles such as the M-16. Airsoft guns are even available in the infamous Ak-47 model! So whatever war re-enactment you want start up, you can find the right kind of airsoft gun you need.

Unlike paintball, which needs to have a bulky “hopper” connected to the gun to hold the ammunition, airsoft guns shoot small plastic pellets or BB’s that can’t penetrate the skin. However, the sport can be dangerous as pellets have been down to knock teeth out or hurt people’s eyes. So the proper protection equipment should be bought and used. Equipment such as special masks or paintball masks should be used to protect the eyes and mouth and heavier or padded clothing should be worn to reduce risk of injury.

Airsoft guns come in three different types: spring, electric, and gas. Each type works on the same principle of compressing air so that shots can be fired. Airsoft guns and equipment can be found from anywhere up to £400.

Choosing Airsoft Guns from Durable Material

airsoft rifleChoosing airsoft guns that are durable in material will ensure that they last a very long time. Buyers of airsoft weapons should look for guns that are made from top-quality material. After all, part of the fun of having airsoft guns is being able to use them over and over. If you’re in the market for airsoft guns, what are some considerations you should keep in mind when it comes to durable material?

Avoid Primarily Plastic Airsoft Guns
One big thing to consider with airsoft guns is to avoid ones that are made from all plastic. While some plastic is tough and rugged, the majority aren’t. If you drop the gun, it is likely to break when it’s made primarily of plastic. There aren’t a whole lot of airsoft guns on the market that are primarily plastic. However, if you do come across them, make certain to just avoid purchasing these.

Solid Metals Make Durable Airsoft Guns
One of the best materials that you can get for this type of gun is one that is made from solid metals. You’ll find that they last a great deal longer. This means that you get the ultimate use of the guns for your recreational fun with minimum repairs or with them completely breaking. Metals are easier to keep clean than an airsoft gun that is primarily plastic.

Quality Parts Are Important
Quality parts are very important to this type of gun. There are some with torque motors, spring action and even grenade launchers. The key is to find one that has top-quality parts. The last thing you want to do is to have an airsoft gun that you’ve spent a lot of money on to break on you. Take the time to find out what types of parts are on the airguns prior to making the purchase. Additionally, find out what type of material the parts are made from.

Checkout for reviews of the latest guns and make sure you buy something that lasts

Airsoft Guns

Airsoft Guns – Finding the best deals in the UK

airsoft gunAirsoft is getting more and more popular as a sport, especially considering the great simulation aspect of it. More and more people are finding that they wish to make a regular hobby out if it, in which case they must invest in a good Airsoft gun. A common question for somebody new to the hobby is, what gun should I buy? If you’re on a strict budget, it might be a good idea to buy one from CheapBBguns or a similar store. However, those are very low quality, so if you have any more money, you definitely should buy something real. Its always worth a scan of the forums to see what is available second hand or visit a reputable retailer such as JD Airsoft or Defcon Airsoft who often run special 20% discount weekends.

When you play Airsoft, you should always carry at least two guns with you. The first should be a standard, flexible, multi-purpose weapon, such as a pistol. Also, the player should carry a second weapon that can be used based on their role in the simulation or game that is being played. This may be a submachine gun or a sniper rifle. If it is your job to provide cover fire, for example, you probably want a submachine gun. But if you are going to pick off enemies from a distance, you probably want a sniper rifle with a very long barrel, or at least as long as possible given the weight that you are willing to carry.

When choosing a gun that is within these requirements, there are two main aspects of the weapon that should be taken into consideration. First is the weight. Depending on what you are doing in your Airsoft game, you may be already carrying a large amount of weight, including a backpack or padding. Therefore, you might not want to carry a weapon above a certain weight. Second, you have to consider the length of the barrel. This is primarily what determines the accuracy of the airsoft gun.

Back to Basics of Airsoft Guns

airsoft aeg internalsAirsoft guns are toys that shoot soft pellets, as their projectile, but are exact replicas of real, working firearms. The main objective is target shooting and competitions that are relatively safe and comparable to a lighter version of paintball. The firing mechanisms range from spring loaded, electric, and gas (CO2) powered. The concept for these toy guns originated in Japan in the 1980s at a time when real guns were actually illegal to own. Once made available to the public, these airsoft guns were instantly, extremely popular in Japan and in North America.

One main attraction to the airsoft line of guns is the low cost of ownership. An interested person can get into a cheaper model of a pistol for a very reasonable amount of money. It only takes two people to play war or another, similar version of the same concept. The quality of the gun is one important factor, but there is also a lot of individual strategy, skill, bravely and luck involved with a successful player as well. Airsoft gatherings are the perfect escape for people of all ages and from all walks of life,and the best part is the abundance of clubs and local events.

Airsoft guns and accessories can be purchased for various people with several different intentions. First, there is the target shooter who lives for the challenge of seeing how accurately they can hit the target and from how far away. This can be as basic as standing still on flat ground or as wild as moving targets in a wooded and/or hilly area. The next reason to buy airsoft guns may be just to collect the replicas of the real guns that are far too expensive to realistically ever own.The most popular and obvious reason for the airsoft guns is for competitive matches when two or more teams compete.

Airsoft Safety Guidelines

banner3Airsoft is a sport that is rapidly gaining in popularity; it is a great way to get exercise, spend time in the great outdoors, and have a bit of fun in the process.

The key rule to remember in Airsoft is safety first.

Eye protection is the most critical component. When purchasing your eye equipment, buy only a product that is officially rated for Airsoft. Ski goggles, shop glasses, and other such eye wear are not sufficient. If it is not approved for Airsoft play, don’t wear it.

Serious Airsoft enthusiasts will tell you that you should purchase your eye protection even before you purchase your gun; that will ensure that you don’t fire your gun until your eyes are covered.

Gun handling is another important component of safety when playing Airsoft. The rule of thumb is that if you always treat your Airsoft gun the same way you would treat a real gun, you most likely not have any safety problems. Never point the gun toward someone at close range.

Play on private land if at all possible. Airsoft on public land can be a huge liability if a bystander gets injured. Police are also trained to respond if somebody is brandishing a gun in public, and it is very difficult to distinguish an Airsoft gun from a real gun.

When transporting the Airsoft gun, keep it in a case. Not only will this protect the gun from damage, but it will also reduce the likelihood that a bystander will mistake it for a real gun.

Airsoft is a lot of fun, but failing to obey any of the recommended safety policies could lead to disaster.

Have fun and be safe and join in the chat over at The UK airsoft forum.

Airsoft Facts & Fun

airsoft-bannerOriginating in 1980s Japan, the term airsoft gun refers to a non-lethal replica of an actual firearm. The airsoft gun may be sized as a realistic model or miniaturized. The guns fires small, normally around six millimeter, plastic pellets.

The pellets come in different weights, providing options for varying accuracy and impact. The guns themselves may be spring loaded, gas powered, or electrical. Spring loaded air soft guns are the most affordable but require cocking before each shot to prime the firing spring.

Gas powered weapons are for the more discerning collectors and rely on pressurized gas canisters for firing power. The electrical airsoft gun is the most commonly used type, using a rechargeable electrical battery to power the firing mechanism’s gears.

Prices for these different model guns range from ten pounds to upwards of a thousand pounds for particularly customized or high-end designs.

The care of airsoft guns is a primary concern for aficionados and players. The basic rules of replica firearm maintenance mirror those for real firearms. The guns should be kept free of dirt and jams, kept out of the reach of children or immature users, and kept from being dropped or thrown needlessly. Furthermore, a fundamental understanding of the working components of the gun, including its springs, gas canisters, batteries, or fuses, will be invaluable in its successful use and maintenance.

Airsoft guns are used by players in simulations of military or law enforcement scenarios at registered airsoft sites in the UK. These scrimmage sessions pit teams of players against one another using tactical strategy. There several variations of game matches, each with its own unique scenarios and victory requirements. Some of the most played match types include stalkers, manhunt, prison escape, capture the flag, last man standing, and king of the hill. During these games, players communicate chiefly with hand signals to convey instructions to one another without the opposing team overhearing.

Introduction to Airsoft Guns

airsoft warriorAirsoft guns are gun replicas that fire non-metallic BBs and are used for recreational play or military simulation. Airsoft guns closely resemble the real gun model they replicate.

Airsoft guns originated in Japan in the 1970s to bypass laws that prohibited private ownership of firearms. Originally airsoft guns were sold in a variety of calibers; however, the standard eventually became 8mm or 6mm rubber or plastic BBs. By the mid 1990s airsoft guns began to gain popularity in the UK and its well worthwhile joining the British Airsoft Club.

Airsoft guns are powered by springs, gas, or electricity. Spring airsoft guns are single shot, powered by a spring that must be manually compressed by cocking the gun. The spring then propels a single BB, the shooter then must re-cock the gun before being able to fire again. These guns are often not as powerful as gas or electric guns.

Gas powered airsoft guns are often considered classic airsoft guns. These guns are powered by internal gas tanks using green gas or by an external CO2 tank similar to paintball guns. These guns can potentially be the most powerful, however, their power is usually lowered to the same level as most other airsoft guns. Gas powered guns are considered more realistic airsoft guns.

Electric airsoft guns use a rechargeable battery or, on cheaper models AA or AAA batteries, to power an electric motor. Semi or fully automatic is the standard for electric guns and they are often called AEGs (Automatic Electric Guns). There are many varieties of electric airsoft guns, with a wide price range. Lower powered electronic guns are often considered inferior to spring powered guns. Medium powered electronic guns are considered a good buy; offering the same quality as standard AEGs at half the price.