Move Over Paintball

airsoft gamesMove over paintball guns, hello airsoft guns. Airsoft, one of the fastest growing recreational activities is making another surge in the market. These gas or electric motor driven guns are manufactured to look like actual handguns. This among a few other reasons are why Airsoft is here to stay.

Airsoft guns propell a soft small pellet type projectile. The airsoft projectile, or bb, is too light and small to pierce the skin making it safe to play with in combat style. Unlike its competitor in the market there is no mess left behind once you are hit. That is one reason that slowly but surely you are seeing the number of Airsoft recreational fields grow almost daily. So, the number of battle locations is growing rapidly.

Besides recreational use the guns provide an excellent, humane way, to deal with pests on your property. Without causing any harm, you can drive away pesky critters from your home keeping your family and pets safe.

Along with your family it is important to keep the environment safe these days as well. Airsoft thought of that as well. Most of the new guns on the market operate with Green Gas. Green gas is a type of propane gas that is safe for the environment. Also, with all those foam and rubber pellets flying around you would think that there would be a mess to pick up when you are done having fun. Well, if you purchase the bio-degradable pellets, you can leave them on the ground and it will not bother a thing.

So go ahead and pick up an airsoft gun, the possibilities are endless. Find a friend with an airsoft gun and now you have a battle planed. They make it that simple, just don’t forget your eye protection.