My Favorite Airsoft Guns

airsoft gunOver the last few years I have become increasingly interested in owning and collecting various airsoft guns for use both in actual games and just for fun. This post will highlight my favorite sidearm and primary weapon. Keep in mind that the best airsoft guns represent a substantial monetary investment; you should shop around and find a gun that suits your interests before purchasing anything.

My favorite pistol is the KWA M19 Gas pistol, which is a replica of the standard Glock 19. I prefer realistic looking weapons, and I may be biased by the fact that I also own a Glock pistol. KWA is well known for their gas pistols, and this particular model is commonly used by airsoft players. It makes a good sidearm, and in my experience it has served me well.

For a primary weapon you are probably going to want an Automatic Electric Gun (AEG). These weapons are powered by a battery rather than using a gas firing mechanism. My personal favorite is the MP5-A4 HG, which is manufactured by Tokyo Marui. This gun can be used out of the box, but Tokyo Marui also offers many upgrade options to increase the firing speed, power, and durability of the gun. I recommend upgrading if you are going to play competitive games of airsoft. Furthermore, you will want to purchase high capacity magazines and high quality BBs before you play.

As I mentioned before, if you are going to get into airsoft you should shop around and find the right gun for yourself. While the guns above are simply my preferences, the brands are very good and should certainly be looked into. After you have played for a while you may also want to consider airsoft sniper rifles as they can be considerable more powerful but are difficult for beginners to use. Above all else make sure that you are getting out there and having fun, airsoft is a great sport and good equipment can make it much more enjoyable.